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Vintage Michigan Membership

Did you know that more than half of Michigan's wineries participate in the Vintage Michigan program, providing discounts to members? Many retailers across the state do too!

Only $25 gets you a lifetime membership which includes a membership card, a brochure of participating businesses and your choice of gift.

Join today - your future self will thank you!

01:35pm on 05/25/2017 @MichiganWines Video on @TaborHillWinerylank">@RoundBarnWinery's recent aquisition of @TaborHillWinery https://t.co/CWDNXL9hIT
01:37pm on 05/26/2017 @michiganwines Ahhh Fishtown, the place of many memories. Get ready to make some more at the Leland Wine & Food Festival on June 10.