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Wine Competition - Michigan Wines

Gold Medal Reception August 9

Be among the first to try winning wines from the 2018 Michigan Wine Competition. Best of Class wines will be paired with foods prepared by the Kellogg Center's chefs. Other gold and silver medal wines will be available for sampling, along with a generous array of culinary treats.

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11:12am on 06/13/2018 @MichiganWines Congratulations @CityofRieslingineriesOfOMP" target="_blank">@WineriesOfOMP.com/lpwines" target="_blank">@lpwineser.com/TraverseCity" target="_blank">@TraverseCityllatc for this recognition. #michiganwine @TraverseCity @lpwines @WineriesOfOMP @CityofRiesling https://t.co/z5vBtShdcz
11:58am on 06/20/2018 @michiganwines Truly Michigan Vines produces locally-grafted and -grown grape vines out of Copemish. These vines are available not only to commercial grape growers,but also to hobby winemakers and for backyard vineyards! Chardonnay, Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir are currently available. We 💚 Michigan grapes! Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development - MDARD