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Tandem Ciders

2055 N. Setterbo Road, Suttons Bay, MI 49682

Tandem Ciders

Region: Northwest Michigan
Phone: 231-271-0050
Web: www.tandemciders.com

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  • Produces Hard Cider

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A unique stop on the Leelanau Peninsula Wine Trail, Tandem Ciders specializes in artisanal hard ciders. In the major apple growing regions of Europe, a culture has developed around the enjoyment and deep appreciation of cider, of both the traditional production processes as well as the apples themselves. Cider plays an important role in these areas by helping create a healthy, relaxing lifestyle that revolves around a profound connection to the land and its offerings.

Tandem Ciders aims to establish a similar tradition in Leelanau County. We use Michigan apples in our ciders and work closely with neighboring growers that produce the fruit. We sell our product where the apples are grown, promoting the farmers and the valuable agricultural land of Leelanau County, as well as the cider itself. Our tasting room is a place that stresses the importance of the region, the significance of community, and a warm and comforting atmosphere that fosters communication and camaraderie. By demonstrating the tangible relationships between the land, apples, and the cider, Tandem Ciders encourages patrons to appreciate the essential connection between these entities.